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Japanese Name
Romaji U~
First Appearance The Dark Khronicles - Series 17: Photos of Fate
User Tsukasa Wicker
Namesake DOUBLE (R&B Singer)
Title The Two In One
Motif Camera
Arcana Number N/A
Photo Value N/A
Height 2,1/2 in.
Speed N/A
Range C
Destructive Power N/A
Precision N/A
Development Potential A
Evolved Form W The Next

W (ウ, U~) is the main Angel of Series 17. It's user is Tsukasa Wicker.


Instead of being in humanoid shape, it take the shape of a magenta Blackbird, fly 135 Twin-lens reflex camera. It has a slot on top, that's not on any other Blackbird, fly camera, where photos that were taken by W can go.


  • Photos of Fate: If W takes a photo of a person, W will graph the physical manifestation of the fate of that person into the photo. If the photo is ripped apart, the fate of the person will lead towards death automatically.
  • Use: The photo can also graph an Angel into the photo, allowing use by W's user of the angel of the subject in the photo. It doesn't matter that the subject doesn't need an Angel.