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The Universe/Angel
First Appearance The Dark Khronicles - Series 9: Infinity Time
User · Nyx (Formerly)
· Kaji Wicker
Namesake The World/The Universe
Title N/A
Motif N/A
Arcana Number The World/1`
Photo Value 1000
Height N/A
Speed ?
Range ?
Destructive Power ?
Precision ?
Development Potential ?

The Universe is the angel of Nyx and the evolved angel of Kaji Wicker.


  • Universal Restart: This abilitiy makes The Universe the second greatest angel in any series, as it can reset time to it's starting point, erasing everything that existed after that point. If something from after the starting point survives, time changes due to that, creating an alternate universe as a result.
  • Invisibility: It's secondary ability, as it can't be seen by anyone except the user, meaning it could be anywhere near anything in other people's eyes.


  • The Universe is named after the alternate name for the tarot card, The World.