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The Star
Japanese Name ザスター
Romaji Za Sutā
First Appearance The Dark Chronicles - Series 6: Golden Hope
User Cajifu Shadow
Namesake The Star
Title N/A
Motif Stars
Arcana Number The Star/1
Photo Value 300
Height 6'1
Speed A
Range A (Shows C)
Destructive Power B (Shows D)
Precision S
Development Potential A
Evolved Form The Golden Stars

The Star is the main Angel of Series 6. His user is Cajifu Shadow.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

The Star's most noticeable feature is it's head, which has a large white star in the front with the points sticking out from the sides. It's muscular in appearance, with biceps and a eight pack. It has a choker around it's neck with a star in the middle, pentagrams on the back of it's hands and stars of David on the legs. It has a face mask, covering a mouth, with slits in the front. It's eyes rest in between the line where the head meets with the star.

It's mostly covered in yellow and black, with spike-like patterns all around the body. It's eyes' iris are purely white, resembling that of a star at night, with white pupil (with circles sepparating the pupil, iris, and outer eye).

Powers/Abilities[edit | edit source]

  • Flare: It can fire flares from it's hands, and if the user wants, that can hurt or kill people.
  • Radiate: It can, by physical contact, make things radiate with light. This only lasts for a few minutes.

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