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The Magician
Japanese Name ザ魔術師
Romaji Za Majutsu
First Appearance The Dark Chronicles - Series 10: Reconstruction
User William Wicker
Namesake The Magician
Title N/A
Motif Magic
Arcana Number The Magician/1
Photo Value 300
Height 6'2
Speed A
Range C
Destructive Power B
Precision A
Development Potential S

The Magician (ザ魔術師, Za Majutsu) is the main Angel of Series 10. His user is William Wicker.


  • Restoration: It's main ability, to restore anything to it's original shape. The object can be changed depending on the user's mood.
  • Deconstruction: It's second ability, to mkae anything turn back into the original materials used to make it. The angel can absorb a power if it comes from something it deconstructed.