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The Golden Stars
Japanese Name ザゴールデンスター
Romaji Za Gōruden Sutā
First Appearance The Dark Chronicles - Series 6: Golden Hope
User Cajifu Shadow
Namesake The Star (before evolution)
Title N/A
Motif Stars, Discs
Arcana Number Star/1`
Photo Value 1000
Height 6'3
Speed A
Range S (Shows C)
Destructive Power S (Shows B)
Precision S (Shows C)
Development Potential E

The Golden Stars (ザゴールデンスター, Za Gōruden Sutā), or TGS (pronounced Tygis) is the evolved form of The Star. It's user is Cajifu Shadow.


It retains many features from The Star (such as the large white-star covering it's face), but now has golden discs sticking out of almost everywhere. It's yellow and black is repatterned, with spike-like symbols covering a muscly chest which is shining like pure gold does. The star symbols around it's body are replaced with "GACT" (an acronym for the four base which keep DNA bonded) within a circle.


  • Fire Manipulation: It has full control of any fire, of any size, and can absorb it for later use.
  • Mini-Sun Creation: It's able to create mini-sun as projectiles and throw them towards opponents.
  • Golden Hope: An advancement in The Star's original's flare powers, as it can create a flare about the size of TGS itself. If it hits a living being, they see a brief shine of golden light right before the flare actually makes the being burn away, leaving no evidence of the being's existence in the area.
  • Original Abilities: It retains it's original strength with flares and can still make anything it touches radiate with light.