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The Golden Stars
Japanese Name ザゴールデンスター
Romaji Za Gōruden Sutā
First Appearance The Dark Chronicles - Series 6: Golden Hope
User Cajifu Shadow
Namesake The Star (before evolution)
Title N/A
Motif Stars, Discs
Arcana Number Star/1`
Photo Value 1000
Height 6'3
Speed A
Range S (Shows C)
Destructive Power S (Shows B)
Precision S (Shows C)
Development Potential E

The Golden Stars (ザゴールデンスター, Za Gōruden Sutā), or TGS (pronounced Tygis) is the evolved form of The Star. It's user is Cajifu Shadow.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

It retains many features from The Star (such as the large white-star covering it's face), but now has golden discs sticking out of almost everywhere. It's yellow and black is repatterned, with spike-like symbols covering a muscly chest which is shining like pure gold does. The star symbols around it's body are replaced with "GACT" (an acronym for the four base which keep DNA bonded) within a circle.

Powers/Abilities[edit | edit source]

  • Fire Manipulation: It has full control of any fire, of any size, and can absorb it for later use.
  • Mini-Sun Creation: It's able to create mini-sun as projectiles and throw them towards opponents.
  • Golden Hope: An advancement in The Star's original's flare powers, as it can create a flare about the size of TGS itself. If it hits a living being, they see a brief shine of golden light right before the flare actually makes the being burn away, leaving no evidence of the being's existence in the area.
  • Original Abilities: It retains it's original strength with flares and can still make anything it touches radiate with light.

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