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The protagonist of The Dark Chronicles is someone from the Shadow Bloodline, a family springing from the reincarnation of the archangel, Raphael. A common trait of all protagonists is that their names contain the letters C or K.

Sometimes, the protagonists are not apart of the Shadow Bloodline, but do get involved into it after sometime. For example, Charile as he became apart of the bloodline blood-wise.


Possible Protagonists[]

There's many possible protagonists and series ideas.

  • Possible 21st: Ugua Catto (うぐカット, Ugu Katto) - A person from the distant future, AKA 200000AD.
    • 1st World.
    • Comes from a Matrix-themed world and is the series' version of Neo.
    • He can break the walls of reality in the Darius (this version of The Matrix) and can do anything he wants.
    • Mother: Descendant of the Kage Family, Father: Descendant of the Catto Family
    • Original Name in the Darius is Camei Shadow.
  • Possible 21st: Cawake Shadow (革手シャドウ, Kawa-te Shadou) - A person from 3000AD.
    • 1st World.
    • Has the power of Elements (inspired by Ghost_k).
  • Possible 21st: Cagima Kurai (かぎま暗い, Kagima Kurai) - A person from 3000AD.
    • 1st World.
    • Has Wing of Argus.
  • Possible 21st: Kurabu Koshi (クラブ腰, Kurabu Koshi) - A person from 2600AD.
    • 1st World.
    • Has Para-Reading.
  • Possible 21st: Cotaro Renn (小太郎漣, Kotarō Ren) - A person from 1983AD.
    • New World "4th World".
    • Comes from a world with the Ghrongi attacking.
    • Has the "X Power", the source of life in all worlds.
  • Possible 21st: Hikari Kite (光カイト, Hikari Kaito) - A person from 2171.
    • 2nd World
    • Is an Angel-user.


  • Every protagonist's Zodiac sign is Libra. Libra means "The Scales" in Latin.
    • Libra's constellation is "Zubeneschamali" (or Lanx Borealis), meaning the northern scale of the Balance. Every protagonist is labeled as a balance of hell and heaven (Hell due to the Hellhound gene inside each one (in the cases of Worlds 2 and 3, it's due to the relation to the Hellhounds or demons in general), and Heaven due to each protagonist being the descendants of the reincarnation of Raphael, the Archangel).
    • Libra is the eleventh zodiac, referencing the constant reference of 11.
  • There's alway a reference to the number 11 in each protagonist.
    • K is the 11th letter.
      • K in the spanish alphabet is pronounced Ka