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First Appearance Hajimari: Accel Break
User(s) Char Akuseru
Zodiac Aries Sign
Spells Initial:
· Vak Kruz
· Vak Dom
· Vak Rom
Skills Initial:
· Saber Dance
· Pinpoint Stab
Summons Initial:
· Apollo
Shape Horned Gun
Armors Panzer Armor
Rider Armor
Destiny Armor
Ram Armor
Gamma Armor
Flame Armor
Sigma Armor
Omega Armor
Tier 1 Long Range (Gun)
Tier 2 Short Range (Sword)

Stansan is the starter weapon of a Gun-Blader. It is the perma weapon of Char Akuseru.


It looks like a pistol with a silver "horn" sticking out of the other side of the grip. The gun also has a Accel Evoker on the right side of it. The "horn" is able to fold out a perfectly long blade out. This blade in question acts as a rapier, classifying the weapon as a piercing type.