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Heavenly Intervention (天の介入, Ten No Kainyū) is the third part of The Dark Chronicles and follows the journey of Karuya Kage. It spans 94 chapters, which are split into 10 volumes.

Plot[edit | edit source]

Chapters[edit | edit source]

Volume 23: Engineering Advancement
(エンジニアリング振興, Enjiniaringu Shinkō)

Volume 24: Shifting Gears
(ギアチェンジ, Shifuto Gia)

Volume 25: P4 Tuning
(P四チューニング, PShi Chūningu)

Volume 26: Sea of Cogs
(コグの海, Kogu no Umi)

Volume 27: Machinist's Inventions
(マシニストの発明, Mashinisuto no Hatsumei)

Volume 28: Mind Trap
(心の罠, Kokoro no Wana)
Volume 29: Engine Pump
(エンジンポンプ, Enjin Ponpu)
Volume 30: Spinal Point
(脊髄ポイント, Sekizui Pointo)
Volume 31: Shadow World Deluxe
(影世界デラックス, Kage Sekai Derakkusu)
Volume 32: Stardust Memories
(スターダスト·メモリー, Sutādasuto Memorī)

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