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Hellhound's Roar (ヘルハウンドの咆哮, Heruhaundo No Hōkō) is the first part of The Dark Chronicles and follows the journey of Caji Shadow. It spans the first 58 chapters, which are split into 10 volumes.

Plot[edit | edit source]

The series starts right before the start of Infinity part 1. Caji thinks about what brought him to that point, remembering the events before Infinity. He and three others, Ceres, Gio, and Reaper, load cases into a black van and hop onto it, driving from what could be somewhere within a city.

The group arrive in possibly Washington and give the briefcases to another group and they give a coffin to them. Just before the group's leader explains how to use it, a helicopter comes into sight, with the two groups quickly putting what was traded into their vans and drive off, Ceres telling them that they're going to New York.

Chapters[edit | edit source]

Volume 1: Introduction/Journey To New York
(はじめに/ニューヨークへの旅, Hajimeni/Nyūyōku E No Tabi)

Volume 2: Gang War
(暴力団同士の抗争, Bōryokudan Dōshi no Kōsō)

Volume 3: Deserted Town
(さびれた町, Sabireta Machi)

Volume 4: Mission 1 Complete
(ミッションコンプリートワン, Misshon Konpurīto Wan)

Volume 5: Assassination
(暗殺, Ansatsu)

Volume 6: Well of Truths
(まあ真実の, Mā Shinjitsu No)

Volume 7: You are Me
(あなたがたはわたしアール, Anata Aata Wa Watashi āru)

Volume 8: Memories
(思い出, Omoide)

Volume 9: The End of The Line
(行の末尾, Gyō no Matsubi)

Volume 10: Only the Beginning
(ほんの始まり, Hon'no Hajimari)

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Protagonists[edit | edit source]

Neutrals[edit | edit source]

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