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Raphael (Series 2)
First Appearance The Dark Chronicles - Series 2: Angel Awakening
User Canji Shadow
Namesake Raphael
Title The Archangel
Motif Black and White Crosses
Arcana Number The World/2
Photo Value 300
Height 6'3
Speed S
Range E
Destructive Power S
Precision A
Development Potential S

Raphael is the angel of Canji Shadow during Series 2 and Series 3.


It has golden, straight up hair about five inches, with glowing eyes and no visible iris or pupil. It wears medieval black and silver armor, with green and red gems engraved into the right and left respectively. It bears several bands all around it's body except for the head, and some make crosses with each other.


  • Super Strength: It's primary ability, based on Canji's & Caji's power since birth.
  • Time Stop: It's secondary ability, to stop time for as long as the user wishes.