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Motagi Kite
First Appearance The Dark Khronicles - Series 3: Heavenly Intervention
Date of Birth AD2132-12-26/Time: 01:34:09
Age · 18 (First Half of Series 3)
· 19 (Second Half of Series 3)
Zodiac Capricorn
Blood Type O
Height 6'1
Eyes Blue
Hair Color Azure
Unique Trait(s) Red marking on cheeks
Bloodline(s) The Kite Bloodline
Angel Seth
Alternate Version KITE

Motagi Kite is a major protagonist of Series 3 Heavenly Intervention. His angel is Seth.

Personality[edit | edit source]

He's a laid back man, unphased by most things. He's loyal to the people he's befriended in his life, but to extent if they try to take advantage of him. He's kind to everyone in his hometown, usually seen doing common, everyday chores for people.

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