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First Appearance The Dark Chronicles - Series 7: Aria of Damnation
User Cakada Kage
Namesake Saint Michael
Title The Archangel
Motif Chess Pieces
Arcana Number The World/5
Photo Value 300
Height 6'1
Speed A
Range D
Destructive Power B
Precision S
Development Potential A
Evolved Form Arios

Michael is the main Angel of Series 7. It's user is Cakada Kage. It's featured mosty in both Series 7 & 8.


  • Tactics: One of it's defining abilities, to use tactics without the user's consent if what the user commands doesn't work well enough. It can plan tactics ahead of time and show the user so the user can use the planned out tactic to his/her advantage.
  • Life: The angel is able to protect the user from fatal attacks without the user feeling it for 5 hours. Once the 5 hours end, the user will feel the pain Michael suffered, but if Michael is healed during the 5 hours, the pain won't come at all.