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Kyo-Ki2 (狂気キー, Insanity Key), stylized Kyō=Ki2, is a novel made by Karurosu Diasu. The title is short for Kyoki Ki, where Ki is repeated twice, making it squared.


It takes place in Japan during the year 2222, within the newly built city of Hijoshikina.


"I'm Nothing."


  • Mari Jisatsu: A 26 year old who thinks of herself as "nothing". She's the female protagonist of Kyo-Ki2.
  • Edward Lancer: A 28 year old therapist watching Mari. He's the male protagonist of Kyo-Ki2.
  • Luis Dorian: A 27 year old officer worker who does and sells the drug "Gamma".
  • Otto Vacarian: A 31 year old construction worker who cheating on his wife.
  • Akane Vacarian: A 30 year old assistiant who's husband is cheating on her.
  • Ark Wing: A 25 year old detective who's trying to solve the murder of Sarah Gordon.
  • Sarah Gordon: A 29 year old patient of Edward who was killed.
  • Nina Foreman: A 32 year old manager of Mari's apartment complex.
  • Rictor Mark: A 33 year old therapist that use to watch over Mari.


Act 0: Beginnings[]

Act 1: Intro[]

Act 2: Middle[]

Act 3: Outro[]

Act 4: Endings[]