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Kiba La Luna
Japanese Name 木場ラ·ルナ
Romaji Kiba Ra Runa
First Appearance The Dark Khronicles - Series 16: Fang of The Moon
User Kibate Kubo/Days
Namesake Fang of The Moon
Motif Aztec, Light, Technology
Arcana Number ???
Photo Value 400
Height 6'2
Speed B
Range D
Destructive Power C
Precision A
Development Potential S
Evolved Form Kiba La Okami

Kiba La Luna (木場ラ·ルナ, Kiba Ra Runa) is the main Angel of Series 16. His user is Kibate Kubo/Days.


He has the physical build of a line-backer, with long flowing hair that reaches to his waist if straightened down. He has a mouth guard covering everything from the nose to the chin. His eyes are almost non-existent, as they look like static electricity. It has Aztec plates on it's shoulder and thighs, with what looks like computer chips on his front. He has a white crown with several jewels on it bornering on his forehead and his hair, with metal-looking gloves covered in blue and yellow gems.


  • Strength: He possesses strength akin to that of Raphael, but less destructive.


  • The gems' colors and KLL's arms reference Gabriel and Izanagi's main colors (Blue and Yellow respectively).