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Karuya Kage
Also known as... The Machina KING
Japanese Name カルー屋影
Romaji Karū-ya Kage
First Appearance The Dark Khronicles - Series 3: Heavenly Intervention
Date of Birth AD2132-11-11/Time: 11:11:11
Age 19
Zodiac Libra
Blood Type AB-
Height 6'2
Bloodline(s) Shadow Bloodline
Angel Exia
Evolved Angel Exiosua
Alternate Version Karuya Kain
Health 1-111-111
Durability 77
Starter Threat Alarm
Specials · Beam Shoot
· P4 Tuning
· Machinist's Inventions
· Mind Trap
· Sea of Cogs
· Engine Pump
Demolitions · Intervention
· Damnation
Enders · Hellhound's Third
· Prolonged Cause/Erased Effect

Karuya Kage is the 3rd protagonist of The Dark Chronicles. His angel is Exia.



He has long blonde hair, which is put into a small braid, while the front is slicked back. He also has a scar coursing through his back from when he was a child. He wears something resembling a mechanics uniform, though the front is in the almost entirely open, showing a white shirt under it. He wears standard jeans with a few rips into them. He also wears normal boots with the laces taken out.


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