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The Coming of The Azure/Twilight Phoenix

The night on the city of Daedalus, the lights flicker as cars fly by it. The night suddenly disappears as a bird-like light comes from the clouds themselves. The light looks like it was set aflame as fire drops and surrounds it as it flies over Daedalus. The light suddenly shrieks as it slowly falls to the ground. It crashes onto Daedalus, as the buildings, people, and everything is destroyed by the flame. The light starts fading as the flame go away, eyes coming from the front of the light start slowly closing.

Suddenly, the front bursts open, with a man-like object, covered in flames drops out. The man gets up, and slowly walks away, the flames disappearing, forming a man with grey, short hair, and orange eyes. Naked, the man walks away as the night returns to the destroyed city. This day is known as “The Fall of Daedalus”, with a total of 1524+ killed and 39 injured.

Five years past since then, the city of Neo Daedalus taking the place of the original city, as new buildings are being built everyday to replace the original buildings. A giant building, in the middle of the city is the center of the government on this world, the Helms Ignis Fala-Flame. This government was made after The Fall of Daedalus, to ensure people that the world was safe from events like The Fall of Daedalus. The year of this world is 6699/\ (/\ is Lambda, the 11th letter of the Greek alphabet. It is used to indicate the current era.), and an event is about to happen to this world, involving the man from the light that destroyed Daedalus.