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"Gemu Giru Gan Go Gufo... (Two forces becoming one at last...)"
―The chant said by Caji right before using Hell & Heaven.

Hell & Heaven is the finishing move that killed off William the first time. It's primary user is Caji Shadow.


Hell & Heaven was a creation of Caji's during the end of Hellhound's Roar against his father, William Wicker, who burn the pentagram into his left hand, that hand becoming property of the Hellhounds. Caji stabbed shards of a heavenly sword into his right, making a cross, and fully envoked his soul and his blood into his left and right arm respectively.

He combined both the powers of Hell (which was represented by a burning red spiral), which were offensive in nature, and Heaven (which was represented by a lime green echo), which were defensive in nature, into a force which, if made direct contact to any atom and any atom connected to that one, destablized anything it touches until it disappeared completely.

During Hell & Heaven, a vertical cyan hurricane with the length of 7 meters (becomes longer if the user is using it to travel quickly at high speeds) appears and the thing opposing the user was put in a situation where they couldn't run out.


God & Devil[]

"Two Pawāzu ga hitotsu ni natte... (Two powers become one...)"
―The chant used by Dante Wicker during God & Devil.

God & Devil is Dante's version of Hell & Heaven, with slight differences. The vertical hurricane is teal instead of cyan, and there's no spiral and echo pattern for both sides respectively, it's now the left side shining like fire and the right side shining bright like the sun.

These changes to look are all just for look, as it has the same force as Hell & Heaven and can even null the effect of it, with it doing the same to God & Devil.