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Japanese Name エクゾディア
Romaji Ekuzodia
First Appearance The Dark Chronicles - Series 11: Recreation
User Alphonse Wicker
Namesake Osiris (Origin)
Forbidden One/Exodia (Name)
Title The Forbidden One
Motif Destruction
Arcana Number Death/4
Photo Value 300
Height 6'2
Speed C
Range S
Destructive Power S
Precision S
Development Potential A

Exiodia (エクゾディア, Ekuzodia) is the angel of Alphonse Wicker. It's evolved form is Demi-God.


  • Automatic Destruction: It's main power, as it's able to cause object to break apart with physical contact. The user can turn off it power if necessary.
  • Imperfect Rebirth: It's initial power, to give rebirth to living things, but it's imperfect and it almost kills off the thing it gave life to instantly.
  • Creation: Based on it's ability to give rebirth to dead being, it can create objects of any size, shape, or form, but requires something of equal value.