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Japanese Name エクシア
Romaji Ekushia
First Appearance The Dark Kronicles - Series 3: Heavenly Intervention
User Karuya Kage
Namesake Exiousa
Title The Engineering Genius
Motif Machinery
Arcana Number The World/4
Photo Value 300
Height 6'4
Speed A
Range S
Destructive Power C
Precision B
Development Potential A

Exia (エクシア, Ekushia) is the angel of Karuya Kage, protagonist of The Dark Chronicles Series 3: Heavenly Intervention.


  • Orchestral Shoulders: While a useless ability, it's used to it's most powerful, used to instill fear into the opponent through horror music.
  • Beam Launching: It's main ability, to use beam rifles to shoot beams of light at opponents that pierce through almost anything.
  • Arm Blades: It's secondary ability, to fold out long blades from it's arm and use them as weapons. The blades are used more like shields when the user is on the defensive.
  • Shrinking: One of it's ability, as it's able to shrink itself by dismantling itself and rebuilding itself at a small scale. It's used as a disguise so people won't know it's out.


  • It's appearance is like that of the GN-001 Gundam Exia, sharing the same name and namesake as well.
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