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Echoes is the prologue of Series 15: Echoes.


Two years pass since the event that transpired in the Hiyakiba Prison Incident, Narancia Kubo, now 21 years old and getting on a plane, with a bag in her hands. She sits down in her seat, one next to a small window, and she looks out it, with the plane stationary. She opens her bag and takes out a futuristic device out, with earphones. Her puts the earphone on each ear and presses a button on the device. It plays a voice that only Narancia hears, Alisa's voice.

  • Alisa: Naran, knowing this prison and what could happen right now, the only ones that know happens is you, your grandfather and Mit. I know I'm make a leap by expecting you to survive what happened, but since the event could be covered up, I want you to tell my brother over in America about what happened.

Narancia stops the voice, putting away the device and looking out the small window, the plane taking off. She looks up and closes her eyes, going to sleep. She starts hearing voices she's heard before.

  • Kaji: I know you didn't kill that man. That's why I'm bailing you out.
  • Mitsuo: At least we'll be able to laugh about this in the future...
  • Sena: You're just... There for some reason...
  • Daniel: It's not my choice, it's yours.
  • Anata: You're one of the most strongest people I've seen!
  • Alisa: You're innocent...

She wakes up, the plane landing at an airport. She gets up and grabs her bag, exiting the plane. She walks outside of the airport, looking around as a taxi drives in front of her. She gets in and puts the bag on the seat next to herself.

  • ??????: So, welcome to Neo Washington, Narancia Wick- I mean Kubo.
  • Narancia: It's ok, Yukato. So, where're we going first?
  • Yukato: The HQ base of the H.A.A., Naran. They're happy to meet a person one of the veterans' families.