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Cubia Wicker
Cubia Wicker.jpg
Japanese Name クビアウィッカー
Romaji Kubia U~ikkā
First Appearance The Dark Chronicles - Series 12: Revelations
Date of Birth AD2140-11-11/Time: 11:11:11
Age 19
Zodiac Libra
Blood Type AB-
Height 5'7
Eyes Green
Hair Color Blonde (originally), Pink
Bloodline(s) The Wicker Bloodline
Angel Jesus
Evolved Angel God
Family · William Wicker (great grandfather)
· Alphonse Wicker (grandfather)
· Cecil Wicker (grandmother)
Original Version either Katherine Shadow, Sherry Kage, or Clarice Yami
Alternate Version Cubia Edwards

Cubia Wicker is the 12th protagonist of The Dark Chronicles. Her angel is Jesus.

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