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Char Akuseru
Also known as... First
Japanese Name Akuseru Char
Romaji Chā Akuseru
First Appearance Hajimari: Accel Break
Date of Birth 4/19/01
Age 19
Zodiac Aries
Blood Type AB-
Height 6'4
Class Gun-Blader
Weapon Stansan
Accel Drive
Accel Break Ultimatum Drive
English VA Kris Lemche

Char Akuseru is the main character of Hajimari: Accel Break. His accel is Drive.


He usually wears a mix of two beanies, one red and one green, a yellow shirt with all zodiac marks on all sides, and navy blue jeans with one of the legs ripped. All of his hair is hidden while wearing the mixed hat, except for a bang on the left side that was left out purposely. He has a pair of black metallic glasses that help him see more perfectly.


He's a everyman who has a joy for the world, though is known to panic very easily. He can be very direct at times, though rare.



During the first ten minutes of the One Hour War, Char was conceived by Rubicon Akuseru and Luna Kiseki. He is one of the rarest children as he was born more than two years afterward.


During his childhood, he contracted the Snake's Eyes Syndrome, blinding him by 98%, but he was given glasses that null the effect of the disease.

Before Accel Break[]