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Caji Shadow
Also known as... The Archangel
Japanese Name 家事影
Romaji Kaji Shadou
First Appearance The Dark Chronicles - Series 1: Hellhound's Roar
Date of Birth 2075-11-11/Time: 11:11
Age · 19 (Series 1)
· N/A (Series 2)
Zodiac Libra
Blood Type A
Height 6'2
Eyes Golden
Hair Color Blonde
Bloodline(s) · Wicker Bloodline
· Shadow Bloodline (Trigger)
Core(s) Gaiden
Angel Something similar to Raphael (Post Unlock)
Family · William Wicker (father)
· Zona Shiva (mother)
· Elizabeth Shadow (Wife)
· Canji Shadow (Son)
· Karuya Kage (Great Grand-son)
· Cabuda Yami (Great Great Great Grand-son)
· Kajiya Kage (Great Great Great Grand-son)
· Cajifu Shadow (Great Great Great Great Grand-son)
· Cakada Kage (Great Great Great Great Great Great Grand-son)
· Kajiruga Yami (Great Great Great Great Great Great Great Grand-son)
· Kaji Wicker (Biological Son)
· Narancia Kubo (Biological Great Granddaughter)
· Kibate Kubo/Days (Biological Great Great Grandson)
Alternate Version Caji Shiva

Caji Shadow is the 1st protagonist of The Dark Chronicles. He is the starter of the Shadow Bloodline.



He has regular length blonde hair, which is put into dreads in the back and is normal in the front, with some small bangs. He wears a black jacket with a black shirt, with several chains hanging from the edges. He has black jeans also with chains hanging off it, with black boot with red highlights, and white soles.


Before Series 1[]

Caji was born from Zona Shiva and William Wicker, and spent his life in Arizona, in a small town, with his father abandoning him and leaving Zona to care for him. He then went to school where he met Elizabeth Hikari and became close friends with her. He became subject to the bullying of one kid, and lived with it, instead focusing on school. He became the top-class student, and was physically perfect in every fundamental way, most likely due to the Hellhound gene, slight aspect of his past life resurfacing, or both. He made several other friends as well, though some have moved away.

At the age of 17, he was still a perfect person in high school, and asked out Elizabeth, who accepted. The two spent a date with each other, and nearly kissed. This was stopped by several events happening during the date that prevented it. Elizabeth then told him that she was suppose to move away and Caji becomes slightly saddened as Elizabeth doesn't appear in class. He made several friends and people really loved him and his perfectness.

At 18, The Dark Wickers appeared and made the world scared to attack each other, and Caji respected the dream to have a peaceful world, and became a supporter of the TDW, unaware of anything about them along with the rest of the world. He tried to quickly end his originally four years in just one, which he did by pushing his body to the limit, and succeeded in some aspects. November 11 pasted and he became 19, and joined TDW and was put in the Protmay group. He said his goodbyes to everyone he knew and said goodbye to his mother last. He got on a bus into the city where he meets Ceres, Gio, and Reaper.

Series 1[]

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  • His appearance was originally based on Dearka Elsman from Gundam SEED.