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Cabuda Yami
Japanese Name かぶだ闇
Romaji Kabuda Yami
First Appearance The Dark Chronicles - Series 4: Stardust Memories
Date of Birth AD2171-11-11/Time: 11:11:11
Age 19
Zodiac Libra
Blood Type AB-
Height 6'2
Eyes Golden
Hair Color Blonde
Bloodline(s) The Shadow Bloodline
Angel The Fool
Evolved Angel The Judgement
Alternate Version Cabuda Debuna

Cabuda Yami is the 4th protagonist of The Dark Chronicles His angel is The Fool.



He has fairly long blonde hair, which is put into three ponytails, while the front has several bangs on the sides and one bang in the front curved to the right. He wears a soft crimson sweater and a white shirt with the logo to his makeshift costume store. He has a tag connected to his pants with his and his store’s name on it. He also wears white sneakers with black soles.


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