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Alphonse Wicker
Alphonse Wicker.jpeg
Japanese Name アルフォンスウィッカー
Romaji Arufonsu U~ikkā
First Appearance The Dark Chronicles - Series 11: Recreation
Date of Birth AD2080-11-11/Time: 11:11:11
Age 19
Zodiac Libra
Blood Type AB-
Height 6'3
Eyes Green
Hair Color Blond
Unique Trait(s) · Infected with the DNAngel Virus
· Carries around a magazine for a AK-47 and a stylized cross
Bloodline(s) The Wicker Bloodline (ALT)
Angel Exiodia
Evolved Angel Demi-God
Family · William Wicker (father)
· Heather Wicker (mother)
· Cecil Wicker (wife)
· Edward Wicker (older brother)
· Cubia Wicker (granddaughter)
Original Version Caji Shadow
Alternate Version Alphonse Corbinik
Japanese VA Yuichi Nakamura

Alphonse Wicker is the 11th protagonist of The Dark Chronicles and the son of William Wicker.


Alphonse is a calm young man, able to thinks things through perfectly, though he does make mistakes rarely. He's silent for the most part, only talking when it's important and during fights. When he does talk, it's very serious, but this decreases as he interacts with his group.


He has long blonde hair and green eyes, with a lean yet well built physique. He wears black pants, shoes and shirt, with a black jacket with a red middle strip. He also wears a military harness, from his soldier past, which can hold several weapons, but only constantly holds an empty assault rifle magazine and either, for self defense, a Luger P08 or a Desert Eagle.


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