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An Accel is a type of power that releases the human body's limits to a certain. It is gained only by spiritual ways. The Accel is a sort of life as it exists only if the user exists as well and will die with it's user.

There are three "Kingdoms" of Accels; Zodiac, Sephirot, and Minor Arcana.

All Accels release it's user's connection to the Mortal Coil to release the limitations of their bodies.

Methods of Summoning

Hajimari Era

The ways of summoning or "awakening" an Accel differ sometimes, but the most common thread is that a ghost who is refered to as the Man in White gave it to them before meeting the living version of himself. It comes in the form of the physical form whatever the user accels at or the form of the motif of the series. Ex. Char's Drive is a Jump Drive, in a game taking place in a game & Ash's Spark is inside of Ash and reflects his fist fighting personality.

Saisei/Shin Hajimari Era

By surviving a part of the Aether Planes, the Accel with awaken in the form of a weapon.

Gobi Era

By facing the Reflection of themselves and accepting their existence, they will form the accel in the form of a weapon. If one has already accepted the existence of their Reflection before they even face them, when they do face each other, the Reflection will automaticly become their Accel. If the person has a mental stigma, the Reflection, as the accel, will talk to them in a way to close the stigma.

If The Man of Collider dictates it, the Reflection will automatically become the destined user's Accel.

Methods to Use:

Accel Limit

The Accel Limit is activated by releasing the Accel Holder on the weapon. It releases 30% of the user's connection to the Mortal Coil.

Accel Break

The titular Accel Break is activated in different forms, but are connected by the fact that they look like suicide, but this changes to invoking it by will. It releases a staggering 99% of the user's connection to the Mortal Coil, leaving them literally on the edge of death.


  • First - Char Akuseru: Using Ultimatium Drive inside Stansan, puts it to right side of the head, shooting.
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